Giorgia Lagosti

I am …

… I am lucky. My job is the one I have chosen; the one I strongly wanted to do and … the one I love!  Each and every day”, when I introduce myself, I am so pleased to speak about my training, my studies, my interests and my aptitude.   I have always loved to cook.

I love to cook for the people in my life that I love. I put all the passion my grandmothers have transmitted to me into the dishes I create. I love what my grandmothers taught me as I worked with them in the kitchen. These are powerful and influential memories I have of being with them as I worked and learned in their wonderful kitchens.

I love to communicate all of these wonders to my cooking students.  I try to transmit these wonderful times of curiosity and fun-filled learning experiences to others who want to learn about the skill and science of cooking.  There are many great stories behind every traditional dish that I prepare. I want my students to learn the meaning, background and interpretations of their cooking experiences.  I want to impart my knowledge of the ingredients and the chemistry of making these wonderful traditional dishes in a way, which makes for a caring and wondrous learning experience.

It is important to learn about the raw ingredients of each dish that is prepared.   I want my students to discover the importance of where the ingredient was grown or produced.  The land, the air and the soil  all effect the quality, structure and flavor of every food and drink we consume.  I love to talk with the food and wine producers, meet them and hear their story.
Tonino Guerra, some year ago, told me that the grain breathes its land, the sweat of the hands that harvest and work it, the walls of the buildings where it is warehoused and the feelings of the people who serve it at the table. I’m sure it’s true.
In the end, I love the conviviality, which only takes shape around a communal table. I love the sense of community and the feelings of togetherness and sharing which only food can create.
My work starts from here.

Of course there are years of school and study that have contributed to my love of food.  I spent time in high school focusing on humanities, that made me sensitive to that fascinating “device” which is the human mind, to the art of writing and to the beauty of communication.  Of great  importance  to me is science.  At university it wasthe subject of chemistry that showed me the magic of matter and its’ transformations. I learned to see, and then tell it in the right way, what happens when I knead bread, when I cook pasta, when I grill meat, when I boil fruit and make jam …That’s all! This is me.

And what do I do? I am an AICI (Association Masters of Italian Cuisine) Master of Cuisine, I hold cooking courses for amateurs and professionals. My courses are for Italian and foreigners from all parts of the world.  I conduct classes for businesses using cooking as a team-building activity.

I’m a consultant to several local businesses for everything related to cuisine and menus (among the others, the cooperation with CasArtusi Restaurant in Forlimpopoli ( Mondays on the themed evenings). I’m active in PS (Sensorial Perceptions), a work team founded by Maria Luisa Savorani (to whom I owe so much!).  in this context I took part in writing the book “La Vita nel Piatto” (“Life in a Dish”), published by Sì Edizioni.

And then I’m a freelance journalist for some local newspapers and I write (proud of it!) in the Blog of Stefano Bartolini(La Buca Restaurant (Michelin Star), Osteria del Gran Fritto in Cesenatico and Milano Marittima, Terrazza Bartolini). Stefano, my favorite “innkeeper”, has been (and still is!) a teacher for me, and Andrea in now a true friend of mine.  I feel part of their great family!

But most of all … I’m Barbara’s mom and Andrea’s wife: they are my real “engine”!

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